# @Unikname : your Universal ID

@unikname is a Universal IDentifier. It's Human-Readable and Self-Sovereign that means it's easy to memorize, it's always available, it's usable everywhere, and maybe the most important it's under the sole control of its owner.

To get your own @unikname ID install the My Unikname App, choose it, and root it into our highly secured and decentralized uns.network. Once you get your @unikname you can sign-up and log in to any website that embeds the Unikname Connect button. And start being rewarded.

My.Unikname.App allows to @unikname owner to control their digital life. @unikname owners can get and manage their @unikname and can also control everything they can do with their ID, like private sign-up and login to websites.


'Unikname™' with an uppercase is the spelling of the product and the brand.
'@unikname' beginning with the @ sign and only lowercase is the name of the Identifier.
'My Unikname' is the name of the App

# Getting Started

⚡️ How to install My Unikname App?

⚡️ How to get my own @unikname?

⚡️ How to login with my @unikname?

⚡️ How to backup my @unikname?

⚡️ How to restore my @unikname?

⚡️ How to become an ambassador? coming soon...

# Freemium and Premium @unikname

⚡️ How to get a premium @unikname? coming soon...

# @unikname Lifecycle

⚡️ how my @unikname goes live? coming soon...

⚡️ how to burn my @unikname? coming soon...

# @unikname Properties and Badges

⚡️ How to manage my @unikname properties? coming soon...

⚡️ How to get @unikname badges? coming soon...

# UNS @unikname tokens

⚡️ How to earn @unikname UNS tokens? coming soon...