# How to get your own @unikname Identifier?

This guide explains how get your own @unikname Identifier with My Unikname App on your smartphone or tablet.


✔️ You've already installed My Unikname App on your smartphone.

# Create your personal @unikname identifier


Choose your @unikname identifier carefully.

Your @unikname identifier is permanent and personal. Once it is created, you can't edit it or give it to another user.

Defining your @unikname

# Creating a short @unikname identifier, with a coupon

If you have a coupon, you can create a "short" @unikname identifier, of 8-characters, or more.

Short @unikname identifiers are protected by our Safetypo algorithm. It prevents other users to create identical or fraudulent @uniknames.

# Creating a free @unikname identifier

You can create a @unikname identifier for free, only if it is longer than 15 characters.

If you wish to create a shorter @unikname identifier, contact us on contact@unikname.com

All done!