# How to sign-up for your business account?


Signing-up for a business account is required to install and run Unikname Connect solution on your website, whatever the plan you've chosen.

This sign-up process is quite easy, you only need to send to us some information about your website and after some quick checks we generate and send to you your specific BUSINESS COUPON CODE to be used during the integration process.


🏁 We plan to provide you an online solution to sign-up your business account. It's under development. In the meantime you need to get in contact with our support team to do it.

So, send us an eMail to business-hotline@unikname.com with the following information:

  • the URL of the website where you're integrating Unikname Connect.
  • the legal name of your organization
  • your full name and your role in the organization
  • your eMail
  • your phone number, including the country code

and you're going to receive your BUSINESS COUPON CODE in the following open hours.

This BUSINESS COUPON CODE looks like this: UNC-xyz999

Where xyz999 is replace by a unique code for you


If you've not been in touch with our business development team yet, then they're going to plan a short call with you to initiate our partnership.

What you've achieved up to now:

✔️ Transmitted your Business Account information
✔️ Unikname team has generated activating information for your business account

Well done, during the next step you're going to create and setup your Unikname Trust Certificate.