# How to integrate Unikname Connect with OAuth 2.0 or OpenID Connect?


OAuth2.0 / OpenID Connect

Unikname Connect can be easily integrated with any website using Auth2.0 or OpenID Connect Authorization protocols.


✔️ You've already obtained your own @unikname SSID

✔️ You've signed-up for a business account ✔️ You've got and setup the Trust certificate for your website ✔️ During the sign-up process you've received your Business Account ID and your API secret key.

📖 We assume you're familiar with the Auth2.0 or OpenID protocol.

# Unikname Connect OAuth2.0 / OIDC features

The current implementation of Unikname Connect provides support for:

  • Authorization Code Flow
  • Implicit Flow
  • Standard OAuth2.0 and OIDC endpoints

# OAuth2.0 / OIDC setup

Here are the informations you have to code or set up on your OAuth2.0 service:

Attribut Description
OIDC discovery document https://connect.unikname.com/oidc/.well-known/openid-configuration
OIDC client id The Business Account ID you have received from Unikname's support request
OIDC client secret The API secret key you have received from Unikname's support request
OIDC authorize scopes openid by default.

# Detailed OAuth 2.0 / OIDC Endpoints

If the generic discovery document URL doesn't work for you, you can configure individual endpoints:

Endpoint URL
Authorize https://connect.unikname.com/oidc/authorize
Token https://connect.unikname.com/oidc/accessToken
Userinfo https://connect.unikname.com/oidc/profile