# Getting a Unikname

In the Internet-era, identifiers are everywhere. We share them by phone or we write them down to our friends and family. We do not want them to be complex, we like when they’re expressed in our language and we love when they are unique and personalized. Designed for everyday uses, these human-readable identifiers are links to any kind of encoded and enigmatic identifiers such as cryptocurrencies addresses, URL, phone numbers... Those identifiers are unique by design and truly belong to their owners, we call them @unikname.

Every @unikname is a unique string of characters, forming a human-readable identifier, easily readable, pronounceable and shareable like an email address.

Examples of @unikname:

  • @bob
  • @Jack-Sparrow
  • @Rosie57

It exists several types of @unikname and it determines most of the capabilities of every @unikname. Rules, Features, Costs of transactions, Rewarding... comes under @unikname type.

To go further, you can read the UNS.network documentation about @unikname types.

So we have described how to create: